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  • Tracy Freese
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A Cluttered Football Mentality

I find the entire concept of athleticism fascinating. As a society we treat certain elite sets of skills as God-like yet do very little to take care of these Gods once they have fallen from grace. As cluttered living goes, athletes are subjected to some of the worst social pressures available; pressure to stay young, pressure to stay tough, pressure to win, just to name a few. The injections, the equipment, and the handlers all clutter around the precious talent to uphold the expectations and inflate egos to perform. 

My observations beg the question, how would a minimalist athlete live?

  • He or she would focus first and foremost on sharpening their elite set of skills, never assuming they are the best.
  • A minimalist athlete would give before they receive and use their position as a charitable platform. 
  • They will avoid the materialistic trappings their wealth can afford and realize their own mortality and talent expiration date in order to save now and live well later. 
  • Minimalist athletic living recognizes and unpacks the ulterior motives that surround their talent; the agent paid on commission, the family members with their hands out, and the romantic partners looking to secure a future.
As a social institution, football has a rule book all its own. From scandals hidden and ignored to injuries inflicted as entertainment, profits and greed have certainly made a mess of a strategic pastime.  
    • Tracy Freese
    • clutterentertainmentminimalist lifestyleunclutter