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Minimalist Music Review with Musicknerd - Eagles of Death Metal, "Peace, Love, Death Metal"

Home of Wealth: So here we are with Musicknerd, our entertainment guru and entertainment expert, Josh "Musicknerd" Patton, coming live from HomeofWealth.com to give us a minimalist perspective from the rock and roll industry. Today, we are going to be reviewing an album, and that album is…

Musicknerd: It’s Peace Love Death Metal - Eagles of Death Metal

Home of Wealth: Oh my, quite the name to whip out on an innocent bystander! OK. Why don’t you tell me a little bit about why you chose that album to review today?

Musicknerd: I chose this album because this is one of my favorite rock and roll bands, Period. Eagles of Death Metal likely has one of the most misleading band names of all time; They don’t sound like The Eagles, and they aren’t a death metal band. They actually sound more like the house band at your favorite bar – except they are the greatest house band you’ve ever heard – and they happen to have Josh Homme playing drums.

Home of Wealth: Whom I love.

Musicknerd: He’s really great. Also a big Queens of the Stone Age fan. It’s definitely a different side of lead singer, Homme, and more of a supporting role - but I love Josh Homme on the drums. Jesse (Boots Electric) Hughes is manning the mic, and is great fun to listen to – very cool.

Home of Wealth: When did you first hear this artist? Where were you? What did the experience seem like?

Musicknerd: The first time I heard Eagles of Death Metal was I was living in Philadelphia, and it came up in conversation with some friends as one of those “have you ever heard of…?” This was probably 2006 or 2007. EODM had been together since around 1998—they did a couple of songs on the Desert Sessions projects – another collective to definitely get your hands on if you like Queens of the Stone Age or EODM. This is their first album, and it came out in 2004. I was three or four years late to the party on this one…

Home of Wealth: As sometimes happens.

Musicknerd: This is one of those times when I picked up the record immediately I loved it – which is a wonderful rarity. They had two records out at this point, so I picked up the other record, “Death by Sexy” and started a serious relationship with this one as well... Every one of their songs is a favorite – it’s just that good.

Home of Wealth: How many times do you think you’ve listened to this?

Musicknerd: Thousands – well truthfully probably hundreds – but yeah – thousands.

Home of Wealth: What is the vibe that makes you think it’s different.

Musicknerd: Eagles of Death Metal is a simple, no frills, rock and roll band. The music – it’s sexy; it’s fun – Jesse Hughes sings in a falsetto, and it really reminds you of being in a honky tonk down South – whiskey is flowing, girls are wearing cowboy boots and cutoff jeans, there’s condensation dripping from the ceiling from the heat – everyone knows every word and is singing along – it’s great.

Home of Wealth: You say that every track is your favorite, but are there any that you want to recommend?

Musicknerd: Yes. On this first album, there are quite a few songs that are good in there, but Track 2 is called “Speaking in Tongues.” In this one, Jesse is professing that whenever he makes love to a woman, it’s a religious experience, and he has her speaking in tongues. It’s really funny—there’s a breakdown there where he’s just speaking jibberish. The other favorite on the album is “San Berdoo Sunburn.” It’s a song about a road trip, simple lyrics, driving – no more of a throbbing rhythm! It’s about grabbing some smokes and some snacks and some beers and getting in the car and just driving cross-country. There’s also a decent cover of the Steelers Wheel song “Stuck in the Middle with You.” They don’t really add anything to the song, necessarily, but it’s a cool, fun cover.

Home of Wealth: So would you say that this album kind of fits a cool perspective of encouraging experiences and not really caring to be mainstream?

Musicknerd: Yes. Absolutely. There’s nothing mainstream about this band. This is one of those bands that I introduce to people all of the time.

Home of Wealth: Why do you think that is?

Musicknerd: Well, I just think this band is all about not really caring about how successful they get – it’s about the experience, it’s about friends, it’s about music and creativity. Josh Homme is quite successful with Queens of the Stone Age. This is, I feel, a creative outlet for all of these guys. There’s just something about this band where it’s just unadulterated. It’s fun, and it’s all about experiences. Listening to the album IS an experience. It kind of takes you away and puts you in this other place where it’s just dirty and grimy.

Home of Wealth: We love grungy! Where could somebody go to find this album these days?

Musicknerd: You can find it on iTunes, Amazon, your local record store – wherever you like to shop.

Home of Wealth: How much do you think the album goes for right now?

Musicknerd: If you really wanted to get it on the cheap, you could probably get it for $2-3 on Amazon used in CD form, or you can download it on iTunes for probably $9 here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/peace-love-death-metal/id55047536?uo=4&at=11lp6X

Home of Wealth: Quickly, what songs would you want to download if you had a quick couple of bucks? What would you take off this album?

Musicknerd: I would try to find the whole album - I’m not the kind of guy who downloads songs—it’s got to be an album – I like to listen to records from start to finish. If there are three or four songs on the album that I dig immediately, then I feel like I should give it as many spins as it takes to see if I can get into the other ones or hear something interesting.

Home of Wealth: One last time. Give it a shout out.

MusicknerdPeace Love Death Metal - Eagles of Death Metal If you like rock n’ roll – take this band for a spin.

Home of Wealth: It’s been a pleasure, Musicknerd, and we look forward to more reviews from the musicknerd himself. Home of Wealth digs your perspective.


Until next time Everyone, -TF


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