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Wear It Out!

Wearing something out isn’t about deprivation. It’s about Logic. To become logically minimalist, one must begin to weigh the difference between wanting versus needing Stuff. Once you’ve convinced yourself that being practical, thrifty and ecologically-aware is more important than acquiring more Stuff, you’re on your way.

My kids used to call me The Bag Lady because I’d wash and re-use Ziplock bags rather than throw them away after using them once. They’d come home from school to find plastic storage bags propped on soda bottles or clothes-pinned upside down on a line so they could drip-dry.

I wasn’t particularly “cheap” at the time or even eco-centric. But, I was hellishly logical.

It doesn’t make sense, even in today’s throw-away America, not to make the best and longest use of something that served us well when it was new.

When your old shower curtain is faded or out-dated, turn it into water-resistant outdoor chair cushions. If you liked the pattern when you bought it, you might like it still. Buy something new for the bathroom if you must, but keep the old curtain and save some bucks on the patio furniture.

If the garish browns, yellows, oranges and lime greens of that afghan you made in the 70’s are too embarrassing to wrap your guests in or even to look at anymore, unravel it and crochet a whimsical owl toy with the old threads for your grandson. He’ll love the bright colors and will treasure forever his homemade gift from Granny…without it costing you a dime.

You may be a wino like me who recycles bottles by the truckload. Nothing wrong with simply recycling, but why not become the recycler and turn them into vases, lamps or votive holders? Those bottles with that little indentation in the bottom (called a “punt”) can become egg cups.The reasons behind becoming a minimalist are many. Those willing to give up what’s non-essentially money-draining are, perhaps, few. If you’re addicted to Stuff, buy some therapy to find out why “wanting” preempts “needing”. Then, get creative. Google yourself silly for ideas on how to turn throw-aways into something uniquely yours, then wallow in your fresh new self-respect at becoming brilliantly, creatively logical.

  • frugal minimalismminimalist lifestylereclaimrepurposeupcycle