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Minimalist Music Review with Musicknerd - "Kaya" by Bob Marley

Home of Wealth: Here we are again with our Entertainment Editor, Musicknerd, otherwise known as Josh Patton. JP is supplying Home of Wealth with some of his amazing music insights and commentary of experience through the years on how the industry has changed and why you should care. Musicknerd, what are we going to be talking about today?

Musicknerd: We’re going to be talking about a Bob Marley album called Kaya This one is a lesser-known album. I think everybody has the Legend album - kind of the “Greatest Hits” type record. While that’s a great album, and it has many great songs on it, there’s a lot more to Bob Marley out there, and I want to spotlight this lesser-known record.

Home of Wealth:  How did you come to find this?

Musicknerd: Actually, my buddy, Andy, turned me on to this record, and I found it a very interesting record in terms of the mood. It’s also a record that’s very easy to listen to, one of those you can put on in the background and put on repeat and let it play for hours. It sets a great mood.

Home of Wealth: What kind of mood? Where would you have this playing?

Musicknerd: I would have this playing if I’m reading or work where I need to stay relaxed. I’ll turn this album on and just let it go in the background. It’s an easy ride.

Home of Wealth: An easy ride. Awesome. That brings up a good question. Any reason to have this playing in the bedroom?

Musicknerd: I would bet you could find some use for this one in the bedroom.

Home of Wealth: All right! Our fans want to know that. What was your “aha” moment like with this album? What made you think it was different? Was there an immediate reaction?

Musicknerd: Sure... Well, first of all, this album was released in 1978, which was a very good year – as they say. This is coming off of Exodus, which was a very politically-charged album for Marley, this album finds him very much in love. He mentions a “little brown girl” many times throughout the course of the album. It’s also coming off of a recent assassination attempt on his life. So there are some definite dark points to this album – but you have to be paying attention to pick up on it. Like I said, it’s still a very easy listening album. If you pay attention to the message and the lyrics, it’s quite a nice ride.

Home of Wealth: Any specific tracks you want to outline or suggest or maybe those to avoid? Or are you saying everything is awesome?

Musicknerd: I’m not saying everything is awesome, but I am saying this is a very interesting album. It does have one of my favorite songs—“Satisfy My Soul” – just love that song – so beautiful. “Misty Morning” has him looking for guidance or something uplifting - It’s really quite beautiful lyrically, and it’s one of the heavier songs on the album.

Home of Wealth: A lot of folks come to our website to find out why we choose things that are not mainstream, yet extremely relevant. Any concepts on that that apply here?

Musicknerd: I believe that many of the most beautiful things are overlooked and kind of hidden behind the saturated market. I think you have to put some effort in trying to see through all of the advertising to get to the majority of the talent and creativity.

Home of Wealth: Well, hopefully after today, we’ll have a lot more.

Musicknerd: Overall, I feel like this album belongs in your library if you’re interested in reggae, if you enjoyed Legend or if you’re looking for something other than Legend… This is a great album to have in your collection.

Home of Wealth: Where can somebody find Kaya?

Musicknerd: This can be found on Amazon, iTunes. All of the regular places.

Home of Wealth: Since it was released in 1978, we can probably find it…

Musicknerd: …for next to nothing.

Home of Wealth: You can probably find vinyl.

Musicknerd: You can find this on many different media-

Home of Wealth: Speaking of some of that, though, do you find that this ever is used in the DJ forum?

Musicknerd: Reggae is sampled quite a bit. I’m sure there is some material on here that’s been sampled and used. Bob is definitely a go-to for many a music fan.

Home of Wealth: Has he influenced you in your own music?

Musicknerd: Definitely. I love the reggae vibe; I am very drawn to different types of rhythmic pattern, it’s very laid back, good stuff.

Home of Wealth: One last shout out for the album.

Musicknerd: Bob Marley and the Wailers, Kaya

Home of Wealth: Musicknerd, we thank you very much for the information and Home of Wealth is thrilled to have Musicknerd as a contributor.

Until next time, -TF

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