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Retro Style Kids' Rooms

In recent years, retro style has made a huge comeback. In fashion, lifestyle and especially home decoration. Most parents are now focused on incorporating the fun retro designs and colors into their kid’s bedrooms, giving them the soft vintage feel while still keeping it interesting and functional.

When we say retro this can actually include many different eras from the previous century. Some parents opt for 40s style incorporating a lot of lace drapery and floral furniture designs. Other rather go for the 50s with organic shapes and abstract patterns. While the really brave ones introduce bright, colorful and geometric shapes from the 70s into their kid’s rooms. So the question is choosing the right vintage style or piece for your kid without making the space too cluttered and stuffy.

Add Just a Few Pieces

By adding a few well-thought through pieces you will be able to change the whole dynamic of the kid’s room without making it too old fashioned. Start by finding some well-preserved pieces or just refurbish and repaint some that you already have in the attic.

A nice 50s dresser would be a great fit, especially if you want to put away the massively accumulated piles of clothing and shoes made affordable by the ever popular online shopping sites like swap. Sometimes parents go overboard with shopping sprees and it is a good idea to have stylish storing pieces on standby. Another great option is adding some 70s geometrically shaped armchairs to improve the space ratio in the room. Apart from seeming futuristic, these chairs are actually great space savers due to their convenient shapes.

When introducing smart retro pieces, vintage maps should definitely be on the list. Hanging a colorful map on the wall of your kid’s room can be both educational and inspiring. In case you think a wall-covering map is a too much, a beautiful vintage photos can be just as powerful piece.

Mind the Clutter

Parents can sometimes go overboard when decorating kid’s rooms as they just keep adding different pieces, focusing on appearance and not functionality. A child needs to be able to move in their bedroom and turning it into amazing looking vintage museum piece should definitely be avoided. Simplicity is key.

Retro style offers us such an amazing range of gentle and elegant shapes that can be beautifully incorporated without causing that unpleasant claustrophobic feeling. It is ok to leave a few shelves empty or to have some practical places for hiding toys. Not everything needs to be on display.

Another important issue when opting for a retro style is the functionality of certain pieces, some retro chairs can be quite uncomfortable and cause back and neck pains, resulting in bad posture. Having a comfortable mattress and a quality chair is a must regardless of the style options.

Incorporating amazing retro pieces into the room decor of our children can really make the space appear much more colorful and fun. Still it is important to keep in mind that functionality and purpose of each piece are just as important as the appearance.


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Sophia Smith is a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with huge interest in beauty, fashion, DIY projects and interior design. She writes mostly in beauty and lifestyle related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is regular contributor at High Style Life.

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  • Tracy Freese
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