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  • Tracy Freese
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Save Money with These 5 Exotic Vacation Destinations

Having a vacation of your dreams does not have to cost you an arm and a leg if you know where to look and properly organize yourself. The world is full of exotic budget-friendly places that can satisfy your adventure spirit and it is up to you to discover their beauty and make some valuable memories.

  1. Greece

This European country is bound to make you wonder where to turn your explorer’s eyes first because it offers numerous options from breathtaking sandy beaches with crystal clear water and intriguing sea life to historical sites that can bring you closer to the greatness of Greek mythology. Greece is a definite budget-friendly location that will leave you with enough money to spend on your accommodation, tasty food and fun activities, especially if you opt to visit in early autumn when prices begin to drop even more.

  1. Romania

Any frugal traveler that is more interested in getting the experience of sightseeing and hiking will find this Southeastern European country the best choice for a relaxing vacation. Carpathian Mountains offer endless hiking possibilities while Romania is full of medieval churches and monasteries as well. Moreover, you might not want to miss the chance and book for a Transylvania tour with special visit to the Count Dracula’s castle. Prices in Romania are incredible and you can find accommodation from $7 to $20 dollars, depending on what your desires are, while enjoying some delicious local cuisine that is bound to leave you wanting for more.

  1. Laos

If you look for relaxation and peace of mind, this Asian country can turn your life around. The fact that this is definitely not the biggest country in Asia and that it is still developing can be more appealing than visiting usual overcrowded tourist places, not to mention that it is cheap! Most exotic foods that are expensive in your country are likely available at bargain prices in Laos because they are part of Laotian traditional cuisine. Moreover, the country is full of Buddhist temples and natural beauty that provide a comfort for the soul.

  1. Costa Rica

If wilderness and tropical paradise are your cup of tea than Central America is your perfect vacation spot. More precisely, the small country of Costa Rica will provide you with all the natural pleasures including jungles, volcanoes, incredible wildlife, lakes and many more at affordable prices! What’s more, Costa Rica is exceptionally safe and pleasant country to stay in so you can take your travels further from the prearranged tourist packages and rent a car at Encuentra 24 so that you can make one hell of a road trip across the country thus saving money while having the time of your life and freedom to check any stop you want.

  1. Morocco

Anyone who craves the exotic feeling would not want to miss the impact of this delightful African country. The prices for accommodation, food and other fun attractions have significantly dropped since the devaluing of Morocco’s currency dirham and therefore Africa can become the next frugal stop in your book of exotic places to visit. Delicate nature and great food are only a small portion of Morocco’s attractions with its rich art and history and many UNESCO protected heritage sites.

Do not miss the opportunity to walk the ground of different cultures and exotic ambient due to the false belief that anything remotely similar will disturb the balance of your budget.  While it is true that in some aspects of life it can be said that the world is small, when it comes to travelling the number of frugal vacation destinations is more than great!

  • Tracy Freese
  • adventurebeautiful free experiencesminimalist lifestyleminimalist travelphotography