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Spectacled Caiman

Captain Eric Birdsley of the United States Army captured this photograph while doing some minimalist adventure travel late 2012 at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. As an afterthought from hiking and mountain climbing, Eric and his group decided to take in some local Vancouver attractions. Perfect place to grab some intimate photos with his Canon EOS Rebel T3i .

According to www.gvzoo.com, South America Vivarium Spectacled Caimans are common, meat-eating reptiles that spend most of their lives in the water. They swim very well, mainly using their tails to propel themselves through the water, and also using their webbed feet. Spectacled Caimans are nocturnal (most active in the evening) and has the widest distribution of any species in the Alligator family.

  • adventurebeautiful free experiencesminimalist livingphotography