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  • 4 Big Mistakes to Avoid when Roofing your Home
  • Tracy Freese
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4 Big Mistakes to Avoid when Roofing your Home

Your roof might not be the solid ‘foundation’ for your home but it sure is the crown jewel. The roof over your head is what protects you from the rain, heat or even snow. So with your roof being one of the most valuable aspects of a home, why not take good care of it? Most people would answer that question with;

  • It’s a hassle.
  • Takes too much time.
  • Can’t afford it.

Even though all of these arguments are valid, fixing or maintain your roof doesn’t have to be so hard. The most important factor to keep in mind when it comes to fixing your roof is to weigh all of your options before making any decisions on such a major investment. By doing this you will avoid these common mistakes rookie home owners make.

Don’t buy your own materials

Sure everyone wants the best deal around, and it doesn’t hurt to go do some research on pricing. The bottom line though, is when it comes to having a roof installed hiring a qualified contractor that purchase the materials for you will pay off in the end. By hiring a contractor you will avoid the mess of buying too much, too less or the wrong thing.

Your roof should never be considered a DIY project

Tearing off a roof is dangerous and difficult to anyone except for the experts. Even though most people will think ‘they’ll just save a couple dollars by doing it themselves’ it actually can double in price having to fix one tiny mistake made along in the process. The key is to leave all roof work to the professionals.

Not all products are good products

Even though you may want the fancy mounted skylights, your roof may not agree. It’s important to keep in mind no roof is the exact same and each require different needs. You should always inquire a contractor’s opinion on installing anything extra on your roof before doing so; this will prevent you from causing more harm than good.

Make sure to hire a proven contractor

It is so important to do your homework when it comes to finding a licensed contractor. The best way to do this is checking online for reviews or by asking friends and family. If you’re in the Downriver, Michigan area let us narrow the search for you; Allpoint Construction is the best in the business. Allpoint is 100% licensed, certified and insured; they also offer great low prices with wonderful customer service. You can learn more about Allpoint and all of the services they offer on their website.

  • Tracy Freese
  • minimalist home and garden