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Tires: The Overlooked Necessity

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Janak Thaker about his company TireHealth and all of the products it has to offers on  Amazon and TireHealth.com. Here is what Janak had to say about his company and how he helps everyday people on a daily basis.

TF: When was TireHealth created?

JT: TireHealth came into existence in November 2015 and listed the first product on Amazon.com during the last week of December 2015. Tires are an everyday necessity for almost all lifestyles. That is why I did extensive research, looking for solid products that were not only convenient to use but also provided safety to the consumer. I founded the TireHealth brand in that spirit.

TF: What makes your brand so unique?

JT: Tires on your vehicle determine the level of safety and comfort you experience on your drive. The health of your tires is a so vital because your life depends on it; literally. Most people would say checking tires is an easy task, yet they rarely give it much thought.

There are many types of tire gauges on the market. Many of them do the job very well but not all are easy to use or suitable to carry which adds to the “procrastination” factor. Many gauges on the market are also heavy, hard on the eyes, or only have one feature forcing the user to carry multiple tools. Some gauges are bulky and some are too small.

Other models have the opposite issue and are loaded with too many features like window hammer, torch, compass, variety of pop out tools, etc. I remember buying a pencil gauge a few years back and have only used it once.

The two most vital functions needed to monitor tire health, are pressure and tread depth. We could hardly find any gauge which met such said requirements. So we searched for a compact, lightweight, dual function gauge; that was reliable, affordable, convenient to carry, easy to read with big digital display and “visible” when needed. That is how the TireHealth 2-in-1 Digital Tire Gauge differentiates itself from my competitors.  

TF: What types of products/services do you offer for your consumers?

JT: The 2-in-1 Digital Tire Gauge is the first product that we offer but we plan to introduce more options of Tire Gauges and related products gradually. We have also made more information available about using our Tire Gauge and the importance of Tire Care on our website.

TF: In what ways could the 2-in-1 Digital Tire Gauge for Pressure and Tread Depth help the everyday person?

JT: Balding tires and under/over inflated tires are leading causes of:

  • Aquaplaning
  • Reduced control of your vehicle
  • Blow outs
  • Increased braking distance
  • Increased fuel consumption  
  • Uneven tire wear

So by regularly checking and monitoring your tire pressure and tread depth, customers will experience a safer drive, better control of the vehicle and greater gas mileage.

TF: Where do you see you company growing within the near future?

JT: We are committed to Tire Health and will be introducing more Tire Gauges that our related to our brand gradually. We also intend to have more information and resources available to make it easy and impress the importance of simple preventative checks for safer driving and savings for consumers.

A big Home of Wealth "Thank You!" to Janak for his insight. We love hearing how minimalist community members are innovating and living life to the fullest. Check back often for more interviews with online sellers. 


  • Tracy Freese
  • entrepreneurminimalist lifestyleminimalist livingminimalist technology