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  • Transforming Plumbing Pipes into Decor Elements
  • Tracy Freese
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Transforming Plumbing Pipes into Decor Elements


Living in an environment that features a lot of exposed plumbing pipes of all kinds surely is heavenly for all extreme industrial décor lovers. For anyone else, it is a big nuisance and often a large issue in achieving any sort of harmonious interior décor. All architectural solutions, such as lowering the ceilings and wall reconstructions are not only invasive but rather expensive and the majority of people cannot really afford them. On the other hand, there are creative, wallet-friendly solutions that fully transform the pipes and turn them into functional décor elements.


A bookshelf foundation

All avid readers and book collectors suffer from the lack of storage place, regardless of how big their homes are. Luckily, exposed plumbing pipes can serve as a great foundation for unique looking bookshelves. The surprising shapes they will form and the positions they will take will surely not go unnoticed in any setting at the same time providing extra storage for your ever growing collection.   


Visible but still blended in

Transformation can take a completely different route all along. Prominent plumbing pipes can be a great inspiration for transformation of the surroundings in a manner that the pipes themselves and everything around them form a compact whole. Copper or dark colored plumbing pipes will perfectly blend with the neutral colored walls and vintage items surrounding them. If you have already planned to paint your walls, this could be an easy, affordable and at the same time a very effective and universal solution applicable to any room in the house.  


Make them alive

Instead of trying to hide them, make your plumbing pipes alive by painting them in vivid colors or suitable patterns and turn them into prominent figures of your room design. This is particularly interesting in children’s rooms and bathrooms. Painting them in candy stick style or branch pattern one will make the kids’ room particularly appealing and allow further décor playground. When bathrooms are concerned, meadow green and azure blue will give a calming spa effect and soften the atmosphere inspiring you to spend more time indulging yourself in long baths in your new, nature-like bathroom.


Cabinet clock as joint covers

It is often the case that the plumbing joints are significantly more unappealing than the pipes really are and no attempt of masking them solve the aesthetic issue. There is nothing left to do aside from building a cover around them and make them completely invisible. Cabinet-like clocks are a budget friendly and a handy solution that will perfectly solve the problem. However, in order to reach them in case of any malfunction, install them in a manner that they are easily detached, advise a seasoned plumber from Inner West.


Light them up

Ceiling plumbing pipes are particularly problematic when incorporating into an existing décor is concerned and it is no wonder that the majority of people opt for lowering the ceiling in order to solve the issue. Unfortunately, this solution is both expensive and results in shrinking your living space. Luckily, there is a solution that does not include either of these downsides. Plumbing pipe lights are an easily implementable and affordable solution that is at the same time aesthetically enriching and highly customizable and creative.


There obviously is no need to spend a fortune in hiding all the visible pipes nor is it often possible without jeopardizing maintenance when the need arouses. Opting for any of these wallet-friendly solutions will transform the plumbing pipes into the integral elements of the interior décor practically in any room of the house. Let your imagination go and have fun.

  • Tracy Freese
  • aestheticminimalist designminimalist home and gardenupcycle