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Natural Benefits meet Delicious Taste

Enjoy the drink that is festively fizzy, strangely sour, and the slightly sweet natural drink that is Kombucha.  This delicious drink is made from fermented tea that was first introduced in Asia nearly 2,000 years ago.  Kombucha adds many benefits to its naturally delicious taste.  It provides energy boosts, mental clarity, and other benefits to everyone who enjoys a refreshing Kombucha.  All of these benefits paired with a naturally delicious taste will lead everyone to want to buy Kombucha.

"We are making something that is really good for everybody and we are really proud about it. We make it possible for anybody to buy raw and organic kombucha at a decent price. Also we use crazy good water from Czech Republic that is known for it's health benefits. Just drink it."

-Kombucha Founders

As more and more consumers turn to natural detox remedies, Kombucha gains more and more momentum in the food and beverage industry. Infused with delicious flavors from mint & lime to rasberry & lemon, Kombucha is doing things differently. Own and operate a business that would be complimented by this organic goodness? Awesome! The makers of Kombucha also offer bulk quantities of its 18 flavors in kegs suitable for commercial service. 

Various "superfoods" have been trending for years, but the fizzy, sparkling Kombucha recipe  brings together short-term and long-term health benefits unlike no other. Part probiotic, part multi-vitamin, and part preventative medicine, Kombucha's unique fermentation method is an organic art form.  A fantastic example of a minimalist company doing things differently, Kombucha parent company, Best of Farms LLC, proves natural wellness has never tasted so good!


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