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  • A Minimal Street Style - Short Nails
  • Tracy Freese
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A Minimal Street Style - Short Nails

There are times in a minimalist female's life when she just needs to glam up a bit. One of the things I gave up during my journey to minimalist living was nicely manicured fingernails. I lived a life where the mani/pedi combo was the ultimate Friday afternoon activity. It was wasteful and expensive, needless to say I no longer clutter my life with that type of "need."

But sometimes the occasion calls for a little more minimalist glam than normal and I found my answer in short nails. I wandered over to see what my friends at LookLab.tv
would suggest as a minimal short nail trend. What I found was some excellent advice:

  • The key to short nails begins with clean, trimmed cuticles.
  • A bold dark color looks best on short, evenly trimmed nails.
  • Short nails resist chipping because they are even with, or shorter than, a person's finger tips.

I was sold, any manicure trend that was easy to maintain and lasted a long time was fine by minimalist me! My next goal was to decide which type of  nail color or nail application would be best. I needed a bottle priced under $10 or a kit under $15 that was long lasting and easy to remove. I avoided any kits requiring additional equipment like lights and gels. Here are what I found to be the best options:

  • Sally Hansen Salon Effects Value Twin Pack - Wild Child / Kitty, Kitty


    • The Sally Hansen Salon Effects were super durable and easy to apply. The price was great and I was able to buy the twin value pack and save even more. I loved the fact that I could go about my day, washing dishes and bathing children without any chipping. I used the animal print kit for a business trip to Las Vegas, figuring that was an appropriate venue! My wardrobe is very minimal - few prints and accessories - so this kit really added some character, as I intended.
  • Rimmel 60 Second Nail, Hot Black to Go 0.27 fl oz (8 ml)
    • I could not have been more pleased with the performance of Rimmel's 60 Second Nail! The line carries plenty of fun bright colors but I wanted to test out LookLab.tv's suggestion of dark bold colors for short nails. Rimmel is not joking about the claim of a 60 second dry time, absolutely confirmed by me! It lasted roughly five days before chipping enough for me to remove it. The polish came right off and I looked very glam in my best friend's wedding!
I really believe the short nail trend fits into the minimalist perspective because it is not pretentious or wasteful and will add a touch of glam when the occasion calls for it! My concepts of minimalist living may be differ from the "purist" form of minimalist lifestyle where all clutter is removed. I believe in removing that clutter, but I also believe in the human spirit, and want to absolve my readers from feeling like minimalist failures just because they want to paint their nails...minimalism is a process without rules!
    • Tracy Freese
    • aestheticfashionfrugal minimalistminimalist designminimalist lifestyleminimalist livingsimpletimelessTracy Freeseunclutter