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The Heavy Weight Champ of Rum Cakes

The other day I wrote a blog entry about a fun little rum cake company called Crave Rum. The Internet forces of social media collided and owner of Crave Rum, Bobby Brown, heard about. Bobby put an original Crave Rum "Mama's Sweets" rum cake on an epic journey from Florida to Iowa and, low and behold, I opened a box and came face-to-cake with what you see above! Enclosed was a tightly packaged, fresh, moist, and delicious rum cake along with the following note:

Hi Tracy,

My flare for cooking followed my Grandfather's foot steps. Gramps was a chef and my hero! He taught me how to recreate recipes so well that all I have to do now is taste something and I can recreate it! I owe my grandfather so much for spending time with me and passing along his cooking talents. As far as rum cakes go, I learned the recipe from a friend & ran with it! It consumed me! I want to be the best. I hope to earn the title "heavy weight champ" of rum cakes! My rum cake flavors are second to none. People unfmiliar with rum cakes, use my creations as the golden standard. If you have had a rum cake, you will never order from that place again! Big claims, I know, but rum cakes are my passion so I felt compelled to share one with you and Home of Wealth.

Best Regards,

Bobby Brown


I was speechless. This single act of kindness hit me like a ton of bricks. Running a website means a lot of personal information flowing through many impersonal channels, all the sudden kindness was overflowing in my mailbox. So to pay Bobby homage I decided to share his kindness with as many loved ones as I could. So here is where "Mama's Sweets" ended her Midwest odyssey:

  • Home cooked meal with my dear friend (and HoW minimalist adventure editor) Captain Eric Birdsley of The United States Army. I see Eric twice a year, so family dinners are always a priority with him in town. He and my family ate barbeque ribs, corn bread, Sam Adams Cold Snap and a mouthwatering helping of Crave Rum rum cake.
  • My leftover rum cake then attended my grandmother's surprise 80th birthday party where a select few were able to sample its unique flavors. I say "select few" simply because everyone was enamored by the cake and "poof!" it was gone.

So what was the overall commentary regarding our Crave Rum "Mama's Sweets" rum cake?


Just when your tongue thought the alcohol was going to overpower the sweet flavor, it melted away like silk.


On a end note, one of the objections I would personally have to ordering a cake online is freshness during transit. I am going to make a claim: I think Bobby's rum cakes could be shipped worldwide and still be delicious.My rum cake spent at least ten days in a box. Here is my testimonial:

  • Crave Rum packaging was sealed tightly so the cake didn't move.
  • The rum cake recipe obviously counteracts any moistness issues.
  • Even after a snafu at the post office rendering my own cake trapped in the box an extra three days - the quality was fantastic!
  • Instructions say the rum cakes maintain freshness for five days after being opened, I believe my taste-testing confirms that wholeheartedly.

I believe a lost tradition of rum cake baking has been uncovered. Bobby Brown and his company, Crave Rum, owe a lot to spending time with previous generations and the rum cake business model thrives when families come together and share togetherness. A huge "THANK YOU" to Crave Rum from Home of Wealth, we wish you the absolute best.


Oh, and Bobby - you officially have the title "Heavy Weight Champion of Rum Cakes!"

  • Tracy Freese
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