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International Minimalism

I am all about efficiency. The more time I can save, the happier I am doing the things I love! International travel is time consuming and dense. My family members live all over the world so we travel to see one another frequently. When I discuss my minimalist travels with friends and clients, they often throw out the following concerns about why they couldn’t live the same kind of lifestyle:

  • My kids are young and cannot leave the country
  • I do not know how to navigate a foreign culture
  • I do not speak the language

While I completely agree that the above concerns are valid, I also believe that our Western society blows things out of proportion. Not every international vacation turns out like the movie Taken. I have discovered one of the best ways to overcome some of these fears is to utilize online business service classified directories. A mouthful to say and type, but well worth the effort.

An online business service classified directory can be helpful for many reasons which include finding an international nanny, discovering travel packages that will expose your family to authentic cultural activities and also language classes that you can sign-up for ahead of departure. One such website I prefer is Craig's List which is an international classified website where users can post free ads for maximum international exposure. Most people know of Craig's List on a local level, but maybe not an international level. Potential buyers have the ability to look at vendor photos, view seller websites, and discover authentic local travel packages. The travel packages on Craig's List are especially important to point out because local hospitality vendors will expose you and your family to far more culture than any commercialized tour company.

As a German minimalist, I find myself traveling light and far more interested in exposing myself to new cultures and experiences than I am in looking chic with the latest rolling Louis Vuitton suitcase. Minimalist living, after all, is about turning the status quo upside down and traveling because you want to spend time and not money. Using travel resources in an increasingly sophisticated online universe will only strengthen the human global village!

  • minimalist lifestyleminimalist livingminimalist travelunclutter