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Website Traffic Recycle

S-E-O three little letters that mean so much in the online marketing universe. Quite frankly, Google has created yet another obsession. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the concept of sprinkling your website or blog with Google bait. A well optimized page will be irresistible to Google’s bots, or spiders, or crawlers, or whatever other slang term you want to label Google’s mathematical process of indexing and categorizing website pages so they pop-up in relevant order when a web surfer hits the little magnifying glass. Whew! I am exhausted. So you, as an online entrepreneur, brush up on your search engine optimization and alter your website or blog by:

  • Properly formatting niche keywords
  • Crafting new keyword-laden titles and headers
  • Adding nice bulleted lists within blog posts (like this one)
  • Calling every other website owner you know and asking them to recommend your site

But, at the end of the day, you have to sit, wait for your optimized Venus fly trap of a website to attract the Google spiders to index your site, pray your site shows up when Internet surfers hit the magnifying glass, hope like hell your site is worthy of the surfer’s attention through the onslaught of Amazon spam and then finally check your Google analytics account for a traffic report to your site. Again, that was grueling!

So what if you want to go play golf and relax instead of white knuckles and lower back pain? There are some safe options. And here are a few:

  • Submit your site directly to online search directories instead of waiting to be found
  • Promote your pages through social media accounts
  • Hire a traffic vendor

The last bullet brings up my final point, traffic can be bought and SEO can be manufactured…but entrepreneurs should be aware of the consequences. It sounded simple enough to buy traffic but I wanted to research further so I asked The Website Traffic Team to help me get a better understanding of what goes on in the world of website traffic buying. “We work with a large advertising network that purchases expired domains with large volumes of traffic and then they split these into many different niches, based on their previous content and visitor demographics. The results are real humans and targeted,” says CEO Phil Thraxas.

Thraxas also cautioned readers to understand that the worst way to buy traffic is through non-human computerized bots that simply ping your website analytics but are not real humans with bank accounts desperate for the latest IPhone case, as you were led to believe. Because of online ethical considerations, The Website Traffic Team will not work with the following website characteristics:

  • Contain pop-ups, including exit pop-ups of any type.
  • Contains any hate or site inciting hate.
  • Any sites containing warez or hacking of any type.
  • Any scam sites or similar.
  • Any PTP (pay to promote) sites or similar (including redirects to these sites).
  • We will not send general traffic to adult sites, you must purchase adult traffic.
  • Any other form of illegal activity or content.

I think this conversation is telling. Sometimes entrepreneurs cannot take short cuts and Google encourages them not to. While organic traffic is definitely the best method of gaining true customers and worthwhile sales transactions, sometimes it is possible to increase your site’s visibility while you wait and recycle another website's traffic!

  • Tracy Freese
  • minimalist computingrecycleTracy Freese