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  • Tracy Freese
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Rum Cakes, a Lost Tradition?

I have a confession to make, I sometimes waste a lot of time "StumblingUpon" new websites... more than I care to admit. I hear the first step to fixing an addiction is admitting you have one, so here goes: I am addicted to StubleUpon.com because of the cool topics it inspires me to write about like this one! I can't give it up.

The website I found this morning is called CraveRum.com and I have decided I am in love with the entire concept. You see, I love traditions that are passed along that allow generations to spend time together. Mimimalist living means spending time and not money, so any activity that brings loved ones together to create and share memories together is such an amazing thing and should have a spotlight put on it. This website has all of those elements which completely caught my attention.

I did a brief amount of research on the history of rum cakes and here is what I discovered:

  • Rum cakes are a Caribbean holiday tradition featuring fruit soaked in rum for months then caramelized when added to the dough.
  • The Puerto Rican rum cake is spongy with rum soaked throughout the dough

From what I can tell, CraveRum Rum Cakes is a family owned local business in Coral Springs, Florida, that is community focused and passionate about the 40 different flavors of rum cakes they create! Fear not, my global friends, Craverum.com also ships their cakes all over the world! Here is the most intriguing flavor of CraveRum rum cake I have found: Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon! This beast, aptly named "The 49-er's Gold Rush Nuggets" touts and astounding one pound of bacon in the recipe, what a concept! Here is a photo:

Photo courtesy of www.craverum.com copyright 2014


The "49-er's Gold Rush Nuggets" rum cake looks absolutely delicious, where is my pick axe!? The description claims to combine salty with sweet that is unusually tasty when toasted with your favorite cup of coffee. Needless to say, I have had more fun with this website than I ever expected. I think I will send the folks at CraveRum a link to this post and see what I can learn about them. Do you think they might create a minimalist rum cake flavor for me? I think it would look like a shot of Bacardi, ha! To be continued...

  • Tracy Freese
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