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Vintage Minimalism - The Baby Monitor
Radio Nurse Baby Monitor
Photo Courtesy of www.babylull.com (c) 2014

As humorous as it is to look back at Zenith Baby Nurse ads from the 1950's, a mother's ability to constantly monitor the safety of her infant while out of sight was cutting edge technology. The baby monitor revolution addressed a very basic and primal need - maternal attachment. Though the Zenith Baby Nurse resembled Iron Man's helmet, was clunky, and had terrible reception, the stage was set for what would become a multimillion dollar industry.

Today's version of a baby monitor is far different. From video to audio to Wi-Fi, the oversaturated baby monitor market is continuously changing. As a minimalist mother myself, I often hate the purchase of trendy parenting gadgets simply because I cannot foresee if the purchase will be timeless and worthwhile. How will minimalist parents strip away the clutter from today's baby monitor trends and get back to the 1950's?

During my vintage minimalist research, one site deserves Home of Wealth's minimalist parenting seal of approval - BabyLull.com. Baby Lull is a clean, friendly, and credible website dedicated to uncluttering the baby monitor buying process. I reached out to Baby Lull's leadership and was pleasantly surprised by its commentary. "Our goal is to simplify the process of finding a good quality baby monitor parents can trust and rely on," exclaimed founder Michael Brown! "We hand select every monitor sold in our online store based on proven results and solid feedback."

The frugal minimalist inside me loves the fact that the website offers free shipping as well as an extensive blog. Baby Lull's customer feedback features are second to none and provide an array of honest commentary to guide future buyers. I inquired about which models are most popular for the store and Mr. Brown gave me these top three:

  1. iBaby M3
  2. Lorex Star Bright
  3. Philips AVENT SCD535    

As a busy minimalist mother running a company, I do not have time to research my purchases. Any buying wisdom I can share with my fellow minimalist parents on how to cut through the clutter and make wise purchasing decisions will only add to Home of Wealth's minimalist ecosystem!   

  • Tracy Freese
  • minimalist parentingtimelessTracy Freesetraditionuncluttervintage minimalismwellness