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"The Poor Man represents the real America, the one which stands for traditional values, fiscal responsibility and financial security for those who apply themselves. We've been described as a government watchdog while the "Lame Stream" media have become mere lapdogs of the government and Wall Street." -The Poor Man's Urban Survival Center


If Home of Wealth had a husband, it might very well be The Poor Man's Urban Survival Center. Part homespun frugality, part conspiracy theory - 100% refreshing. The site touts a monthly contest where visitors can submit homemade tips and win prizes when chosen as the most unique. Some of the previous submissions include DIY healing recipes and weed-proofing your lawn with a soda bottle! The information is as useful as it is clever.

I want to highlight some other areas of The Poor Man's Urban Survival Center because visitors will find sections titled "Urban Gardening," "Debt Reduction," and "Legal Resources" all of which are prime minimalist concepts. Beyond the literal crafting of this website, I want to point out how thrilled I am to see a section of our culture find its voice, gather together, and discuss counter cultural viewpoints without shame. Too often do citizens blindly follow. Question everything and seek to unpack social pressures, repurpose your behavior, and reclaim your life!