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Minimalist Wellness - Hormone Unbalance

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Tom Andre Henriksen was being attacked from the inside. All he knew at the time was the huge amount of pain he was dealing with. What he found out later was that his body was home to a parasite, strain of unhealthy bacteria, and candida. Upon recovering, Tom came to the realization that his body issues stemmed from a habit of careless cluttered living. Tom's hormonal unbalances had magnified his pain but he was unfamiliar with what that truly meant. His research led him to unclutter his habits and promote simple natural techniques to turn his lifestyle around.Tom relies on a diet free from wheat, sugar, yeast, and has been gluten-free for years.

To keep him motivated and share his inner feelings with others, Tom created his website and blog HealthyLife.no where he shares tips, techniques, and proven wellness programs and products. His fight against hormone unbalance motivates his behavior which is then confirmed by a medical colleague for healthy levels. "I differentiate from others with my personal experience. I have had hormone unbalance, candida, parasites and a bacteria attacking my body and I have tried everything I write about," tells Mr. Henriksen. What Tom could not have predicted was where his efforts would lead him.

An unexpected population embraced Tom's natural living practice - those suffering from addiction. "I work with addicts in Norway and I use these experiences in my articles on addiction," Tom tells Home of Wealth. Tom's addiction efforts are not limited to street drug addictions, he has also seen great results with smokers and alcoholics as well. 

Home of Wealth's Minimalist Ecosystem believes in global perspective which is why we all felt Tom's story was so compelling. Simple natural living could not be more minimalist. In a highly cluttered wellness industry, Tom and his efforts encourage the minimalist lifestyle to remember how easy it truly is to live well. 



  • beautiful free experiencesclutterminimalist health and fitnessminimalist lifestylesimpleunclutterwellness