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A Minimalist Page-Turner


After generations of author captivity, the cluttered world of corporate publishing is becoming obsolete. Authors are taking control. No longer does an author have to be subjected to the corporate greed of book distribution channels. Instead, he or she can publish through CreateSpace, market with social media, and sell through NewbBay.com. If eBooks are your forte, Amazon's Kindle Direct is an independent author's new best friend. The tables have turned.

NewbBay is especially intriguing because it takes independent book distribution one step further as readers simply "pay as they read." If a reader gets through five chapters of a romance novella, that is all she or he will pay for. NewbBay considers itself the "World's Largest Creative Writing Club" and promotes independent writers with an internal currency system called "banas." The more NewbBay authors earn on the site, the more banas he or she is awarded. One bana has the equivalency of one US cent. Here are some uses for banas:


  • Banas can be used to purchase reading materials from writers on Newbbay.
  • Banas can be used to buy gifts for your favorite writers..
  • Banas can be given as gifts from NewbBay to our beloved members.
  • Banas can be redeemed by writers to support their living expenses, and encourage them to create quality creative reading materials.
  • Banas can be purchased from NewbBay or received as gifts from other active members of NewbBay.
  • Banas can be purchased directly from NewbBay and NewbBay approved third parties only.

It is a fascinating system highlighted by an overarching tone of freelance writers working to promote other freelance writers. Home of Wealth provides commentary on the slow yet deliberate shift from captive corporate employees to innovative freelancers. NewbBay is clearly a great resource for any writer wanting exposure and support during her or his journey. No longer are corporate workers immobilized by the threat of financial ruin. Technology and the Internet global village are freeing hamsters from cubicles and allowing innovation to once again disrupt tradition.

Unpack, repurpose, and reclaim your essence.

  • corporate minimalismminimalist writingreclaimrepurposeunclutter