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Minimalist Wellness - Host a Yoga Party!

Photo courtesy of Hanna Mongiat, (c) 2014 all rights reserved

I discovered a very cool new trend, groups of people spending time together getting healthy, what a novel idea! Who knew that concept could be so trendy! Minimalist living is all about spending time not money, yoga parties are certainly a promotion of that idea. The best part about a yoga party is wellness, community, and friendship are mixed in for added fun!

"I pride myself on personalized, compassionate service," Hannah Mongiat proudly proclaimed. "No one is doing yoga like I am!" Hannah's website HannahMongiat.com is home to OnDemand Yoga, a service that delivers peace and a stronger body to customers at his or her own unique pace. The concept is revolutionizing yoga and fitness classes as we know them. Hannah's program highlights the following values:

  • Highest level of satisfaction and the full benefits of wellness
  • To provide offerings that make total mind body wellness fully accessible
  • Give yoga enthusiasts the ability to create a customized at-home yoga practice that will meet HER OR HIS NEEDS for HER OR HIS BODY and LEVEL
  • Never a membership required (unlike a gym!)
  • Easily access Hannah, her videos, her tips, and her advice 24/7 for ultimate convenience.

Whether an OnDemand yoga party with loved ones or alone, this program is a perfect minimalist wellness option! We love innovation around here at Home of Wealth and Hanna Mongiat definitely has repurposed the "old way" into a simple new take on a traditional concept - wellness!