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8 Weeks to Piano Literacy - The TARGET METHOD

Brian Lucas' TARGET METHOD may just revolutionize the piano lesson industry. If Brian's teaching is anything like his refreshing straightforward video presence, all students will flourish. Pianoin8weeks.com is a whimsical site dedicated to convenient private piano lessons that will put all 80 year-old widows down the street out of business. The online format of Brian's TARGET METHOD 8-week course is designed to be convenient and accessible anytime, anywhere. Given the love minimalists have for technology and scalability of time, I felt this site warranted a blog post. Brian seriously makes me want to sit down and start plunking away, shame I don't own a piano! The ideas that run through my head are:

  • Parents can afford to send their children to private lessons...in the kid's bedroom! No shuttle service from one end of town to the other required.
  • Learning this method doesn't require an expensive piano, a keyboard will do just fine. You probably have one in a closet somewhere.
  • The lessons are mobile, just like you, so take a lesson via your iPhone at a local recreation room with a piano. Example: a local university lounge.
  • Pay as you go or order the entire series. Save money and use it for the whole family!
My minimalist living side is getting really excited by THE TARGET METHOD and the possibilities it presents to disrupt the current music lesson industry. Minimalists love disrupting "the way it's always been done" and I feel this is one more method of taking control away from large corporate machines. Grass roots innovation continue to impress me so kudos to Brian Lucas and his innovative spirit!