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Mali, a redhead after my own heart, inspired me to write this post because she makes passion seem so simple. Mali Apple and Joe Dunn are relationship coaches, lovers, and best friends who share their experiences, advice, and joy with visitors of The Soulmate Experience.

The site is truly charming and authentic. I spend a lot of time on websites and was struck by the bravery of this couple for putting their own images on everything they create. The sheer confidence to proclaim love in such a spiritual yet honest manner draws visitors in. Through eBooks and a newsletter, the couple promotes intimacy and extraordinary relationship building. Interpersonal coping mechanisms infused with meditation allow readers to slowly and deliberately expose themselves to effective relationship maintenance. 

Minimalist living is based on the concept of simplicity, and loving the people around you couldn't be easier or cheaper. Relational difficulties set in when emotions like jealousy and envy rule behavior patterns. Minimalists would find much inspiration from Mali and Joe, so take a moment and consider downloading "52 Prescriptions for Happiness" or "Mantras for Making Love" today. The ability to center and accept faults will truly lead to beautiful free experiences.