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Minimalist Art - Online Gallery for Global Viewing

"Thanks Mr. Butler"

Photo courtesy of www.globalvernissage.com (c) 2014 All Rights Reserved


Successful art shows are reserved for highly populated areas with established publicity channels. Even the most successful artist can struggle to attain worldwide notoriety. An unknown artist, away from metropolitan publicity, will struggle even more so to find an audience. Global Vernissage aims to change how artists show their work. The site believes art should be available to any and all audiences. Global Vernissage also offers global exposure to musicians.

Avoid the limited reach of a physical art gallery and utilize technology. If you are an artist with a hidden storage room full of work, consider an online gallery with Global Vernissage where you will never receive a rejection letter from an elitist gallery director! Minimalism enthusiasts can delight in the concept of disrupting tradition and increasing grassroots artist control.

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