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Minimalist Gift Idea - License Plate Frame Superstore

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Sometimes a minimalist just has to give in. As a guy, I am simpleminded and like simple funny things. I think clever license plate frames are funny when I am driving behind a particularly clever one. License Plate Frame Mall has the largest selection of license plate frames that I have ever seen. You name it, they have it.

  • Military License Plate Frames
  • Religious License Plate Frames
  • Motorcycle Plate Frames
  • Novelty License Plates
  • Customized Personal License Plate Frames
You can't beat the pricing starting at $15.99 and some of the pre-designed options are hilarious, just what a man like me prefers. The site has grown from a small operation in 2002 to a globally recognized 4,000 square-foot Tampa Florida warehouse. Obviously people are buying these license plate frames, some 20,000 people per year to be exact. Fast shipping, great customer service, and a rock-solid satisfaction guarantee, what's not to love?
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