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Minimalist Travel - Budapest, Hungary


Home to an amazing quality of life, Budapest, Hungary is an excellent minimalist travel destination. One of the largest cities of the European Union, Budapest brings together an unique blend of historic daytime and urban nightlife. Not an overly advertised destination, Budapest qualifies as truly minimalist in that it offers value without hype. One of the ten most photographed cities on the planet, it isn't hard for visitors to quickly understand Budapest's architectural depth and beauty.


Bud News is an excellent lifestyle blog dedicated to the comings and goings of Budapest culture. The site shares interesting Budapest tidbits like:

  • The 40th birthday of the Rubik's cube, Hungary's famous toy
  • Launch details of the Mercedes S-class coupe nicknamed "Great Silver Shark"
  • Taxi cabs going "green" in downtown Budapest
The Bud News website is simple and energetic with high quality photographs which make visitors want to book his or her flights immediately. If you are interested in taking a minimalist trip to a destination that is sure to please, Budapest, Hungary should be on the top of your list!
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