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  • Minimalist Art - The Art Sherpa's Hart Parties
  • Tracy Freese
Minimalist Art - The Art Sherpa's Hart Parties

Minimalist art takes on a new dynamic with the Art Sherpa, also known as Cinnamon Cooney. While her art is not aesthetically minimal, with its vibrant colors and shapes, Cinnamon's concept of spending time together while learning a new talent is exactly what Home of Wealth is all about!

"I believe creativity and art promotes a happy fun life. After teaching at painting parties I became aware people had a hunger to be creative. I also learned most people falsely believe art is a talent you are born with. In fact art is a set of skills that can be learned and talent is what you do with those skills. Therefore the fun of painting is for EVERYONE!" -Cinnamon Cooney

The Art Sherpa is found in her natural environment on YouTube where thousands of visitors access painting lessons on everything from painting unique trees (pictured above) and how to become the next Van Gogh. Each lesson is roughly an hour with Cinnamon leading a lively discussion of various acrylic painting techniques. Viewers are encouraged to purchase basic acrylic painting supplies and expand their creativity right along with her! As a mother of three young children, The Art Sherpa certainly has addressed a growing need for what she calls "artful living." The views on her videos make me envision grade school art teachers showing videos during class and retirees learning a new skill in their free time. Her lessons are free and openly available to anyone wanting to open up their creative toolbox and become one of the thousands of "Hartists" in the world!
  • Tracy Freese