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  • Minimalist Political Spotlight: Dr. George Flinn for Tennessee Senate
  • Tracy Freese
Minimalist Political Spotlight: Dr. George Flinn for Tennessee Senate

This is my first political blog on Home of Wealth but I saw something that I thought made sense and wanted to share. I should toss out the fact that I live in Iowa and not Tennessee so I really have no voting power for Dr. George Flinn, but I still like his message.

As an insurance agent, I have seen some highly concerning ways insurance companies control the health care industry. What caught my attention was Dr. Flinn's Patient Centered Health Plan. While The Affordable Health Act has certainly done wonders for America, Dr. Flinn's take on it brings a different point-of-view...one of a medical doctor. When the doctors that get paid by insurance companies begin criticizing the system, Tracy Freese pays attention.

"I am promoting a healthcare plan that accomplishes all that Obamacare does, but costs less and is MUCH more accessible. It is time you take control of your health plan coverage. Under Patient Centered Health Plan everyone can be covered under it. My plan will fit your budget and save you money. I have put years of thought into this plan and I promise it is worth your time to read more about it." - Dr. George Flinn

Dr. Flinn provides seven principles to his Patient Centered Health Plan that involve the following:

  • Portable Health Insurance
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Free Markets
  • Right of Conscience
  • Doctor/Patient Confidentiality
  • Coverage for All Americans
Look to Dr. George Flinn for a different health care approach, one he understands first hand. I thank him for his open, honest perspective because all too often is transparency forsaken in favor of profits.
  • Tracy Freese