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Minimalist Lifestyle - Growing a Hydrophonic Indoor Garden

plant in a cubicle.

I have often toyed with the idea of growing a 1x1 foot garden in my home and blogging about the process. It turns out someone else has taken my idea to a far greater level at Indoor Garden HQ. A fresh and quirky website promoting the indoor plant growing process from all angles. I found great blog topics on watering basics, specific types of vegetables as well as general commentary on why a person should attempt an indoor garden in the first place.

"Whether you spend your days in an office cubical or hospital, and whether you live in an expansive manor or cramped apartment growing plants will benefit you. They are not only beautiful, but also clean our air; feed us and make us healthier–and it is easier than you may think to grow them." -Indoor Garden HQ

I have been fascinated by the urban gardening trend for some time and applaud Indoor Garden HQ for the thoughtful commentary, which is sure to please any visitor interested in beginning an indoor garden. Countless studies have promoted gardening as a peaceful, stress-reducing activity. In today's hectic, cluttered society, the growing of plants can free-up precious mental real estate, what's not to love about that?