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Minimalist Lost Tradition: Wood Fired Ovens

Photo courtesy of woodfiressocial.com (c) 2014 all rights reserved

Minimalist living is all about spending time with loved ones. We promote traditions that encourage more quality time and less frivolous trending. My particular enthusiasm for time well spent occurs when food and beverage collide. When Greg from Wood Fired Social discussed his passion for wood fired ovens I was sold on how minimalist this tradition is. A wood fired oven enthusiast most of his life, Greg's passion truly took off in college.

From a young age I can remember my grandparents cooking bread and the odd pizza in their humble home-made oven, but the passion grew while working at a friends pizzeria behind the bar while going to college when they finally asked me if I wanted to make pizzas instead ( I mustn't have been a good bar-tender)

The oven was mesmerizing to watch and I quickly learned everything I could , installing my own at home once I had researched and saved enough. Realizing the lack of information available when I want to build my own, I thought an online community was needed (especially when friends would come over and ask me a million questions hoping to build their own).

As I was researching this piece I was struck by how happy this wood fired oven community is. People are coming together to share and learn from each others enthusiasm for wood fired ovens. Greg's site includes:

  • How to use, build and maintain,
  • Forum to discuss with other enthusiasts
  • Recipes optimised for cooking in a wood fired oven
  • Pages of suppliers and distributors, even wood fired pizza restaurants
  • Products out there related to wood fired ovens
  • Real life blog posts
So much joy comes from great food, great friends, and great weather that it is hard not to want to dive in and DIY my own wood fired oven! Obviously my readers know I love brewing my own beer...but what pairs perfectly with beer, I wonder? Homemade pizza and Apple Tarte Tatin from my future back yard wood fired oven. Fantastic! Check out WoodFiredSocial.com's recipe section for more mouthwatering ideas and get your own creative back yard juices flowing!


  • entertainmentlost methodminimalist food and beverageminimalist lifestyleminimalist livingtimelesstradition