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  • Tracy Freese
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Corporate Minimalism - Quality Event Giveaways Over Quantity


Working in finance for as long as I have means I am no stranger to what I call "trashy trinkets." It never fails, I sit down at a continuing education seminar and I am presented with a plastic bag filled with goodies, none of which I desire. Somewhere between helpful and garbage is the realm of pocket frisbees, foam stress balls, and a variety of other advertising novelties. Proper conference etiquette dictates it is impolite of me to toss the plastic bag directly into the trash so I wander around with it the entire day. In my years of events and conferences here are the three trashy trinkets I remember:

  • A green pen that wrote in green ink. It was a premium pen so I made sure to walk around and swipe a few others from empty place settings. I recall the insurance agent claimed he wrote in the color of money. To this day I remember his name: John Kneeland. The green pens served him well because that was probably five years ago.
  • Any company that gives away fold-up canvas pocket frisbees is alright in my book. The distinct "pop" when they unfold delights my toddlers and makes mom appear super cool. Anytime mom looks cool for free is a major bonus.
  • I received a keychain with a flashlight on the end, this was a major score for my husband when I brought it home. Apparently he struggled to find the keyhole at the gym each morning at 4AM and this was the one thing that could solve an annoying problem for him. Kudos to that bank that gave it away. As I look up from my desk, I see it hanging on our key rack.  

So what would make trashy trinkets not so trashy, you ask? In my not so humble opinion, useful and reusable items. Not only have I been on the receiving end of event giveaways, I have also been tasked with organizing the purchase of logo products to give away. It is very easy to spend the least amount possible on promotional items, but obviously the ones that stand out are better than average. Sometimes a company just needs to cough up a little bit of cash and buy premium promotional items. The goal is to stay at the top of customer's minds, right?

It may appear I am a connoisseur of trashy trinkets but the truth is I pay attention to what companies are up to. I was recently tasked with coordinating speakers for an event and chose to purchase premium promotional items as thank you's. I focused on environmentally friendly products that were commonly used. Some suggestions would be:

  • Recycled Totes (always need these at a conference!)
  • Bamboo Products
  • Biodegradable Plastic Products

This type of sustainable promotional item has risen in popularity and is available at every budget level. Steve from Reilly Co. tells Home of Wealth that, indeed, this type of focus on the environment has been trending upward.

After a tough financial decade, businesses are critically analyzing how they allocate marketing dollars. Appearing environmentally responsible in the eyes of prospective customers provides a one-two marketing punch. Reilly Co. provides and entire catalog of smart, sustainable promotional items which can be previewed online before purchase. They promote a motto, "Full service model at self-service prices" and are dedicated to helping companies maximize promotional results. No longer is the branding process cluttered, technology has made it transparent and helpful.

The next event your company hosts a booth at, consider quality over quantity...your future customers appreciate it!

  • Tracy Freese
  • corporate minimalismrecyclereuseupcycle