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Travela Max

While many American websites off easy one-stop vacation shopping domestically, I found TravelaMax.com to be a refreshing global budget vacation site. I especially enjoyed their Travela Max Blog filled with travel news, tips, and bottom-line deals. Gaining perspective on different cultures before you land is highly advantageous and can save travelers hundreds of dollars. The posts were helpful and outlined the cheapest methods of travel after landing in a country as well as top ten video lists covering the following types of vacations:

  • Romantic
  • Conventions/Corporate Events
  • Holiday Destinations
  • Most Beautiful Roads
  • Secret Paradise

I am used to seeing William Shatner cavorting around on American TV commercials, but it is nice to know there are other global options to package hotel, air, and rental cars. Travela Max definitely provides worthwhile travel commentary along with awesome last minute travel specials not found elsewhere. Saving money and finding new roads to travel worldwide is every minimalists dream come true!

  • Tracy Freese
  • adventureminimalist travel