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Domestic Cleaning Made Simple


A brilliant idea - freelance domestic cleaners. I recently struggled to find my disabled mother a domestic homemaker to come to her home once each month and perform light cleaning tasks. While not a huge job, we were willing to pay a fair price. The issue stemmed from a lack of service providers - we could find no one willing to help. Naturally we were concerned about security as my mother lives alone so finding a professional, affordable, and trustworthy cleaning provider was a challenge. Obviously there are plenty of domestic cleaners in just about any geographical location, but how does one find them?

Apparently the United Kingdom has discovered a solution to my disabled mother's problem. Direct Cleaner is a type of freelance website specifically designed to connect freelance domestic cleaners with local cleaning needs. The process is simple:

  • Select a time and day for a cleaning service.
  • Set price.
  • Select services required.
  • Disclose cleaning location.
  • Pay through Direct Cleaner's secure checkout.
  • Your freelance cleaner arrives and does the job!
I find this business model to be fantastic. It is simple, straightforward, and helpful - a true mix of success. With the workforce showing signs of an overall shift away from the corporate grind to freelancing, sites like Direct Cleaner will skyrocket in the future.
  • Tracy Freese
  • minimalist lifestyleminimalist livingsimple