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  • Awesome! My Smart Mailbox
  • Tracy Freese
  • entrepreneur
Awesome! My Smart Mailbox

I hear a lot of entrepreneurs complain about how to send and receive snail mail given the mobile society they do business in. Entrepreneurs simply do not sit behind desks anymore; they are driving to meet clients, working from the coffee shop, and flying all over the world. None of those activities include stopping at the post office. Oh, that's right, assistants are supposed to be doing that but who has one of those!? The snail mail market needs some innovation.

 My Smart Mailbox collects your mail, scans it to the cloud, and then forwards it to your physical location or shreds it onsite. Entrepreneurs can view correspondence from anywhere in the world just like an email. Since many of us have virtual assistants located all over the world, snail mail just became accessible to them. My Smart Mailbox provides such a wide array of service options beyond snail mail it made my head spin:

  • Check Deposits
  • Fax Receiving
  • Registered Agent Services
  • Parcel/Package Receiving and Storage
This kind of snail mail forwarding service should cost a lot, but at My Smart Mailbox pricing can fit any budget with six packages available. Included in each package price is paper shredding and recycling. Not only with customers know their information is secure, but they will also care for the environment. As their motto states: Your Mail, Your Way!
  • Tracy Freese
  • entrepreneur