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Frugal Minimalism - DIY Laptop Keys

Replacement laptop keys for your missing or worn out keyboard keys

If your laptop (Almost any laptop) keys are sticky or missing completely, no longer do you have to pay a ton of money to get them fixed. No need to dwell on individual keys, just replace the entire set! The process involved is not terribly difficult and makes me think even I could do it. While each laptop is different, most keyboards can be replaced as a whole through some screws and disconnecting a wire. Here is the overall process:

  • Find a replacement keyboard. We suggest Replacement Laptop Keys. Be certain the keyboard you purchase is an exact match to your model number.
  • Once you have the new set of keys, place them over the existing set to make sure they are indeed the correct fit.
  • Shut down your laptop, disconnect your battery, and unplug your laptop from all power sources!
  • PC World suggests having a small phillips screwdriver and a flat butter knife handy as you remove the cover. Make sure you don't forget any tiny screws!
  • Cautiously lift the cover plate and disconnect the short data wire. You won't have much room to operate so don't go yanking the cover off or you will threaten the crucial data cable.
  • Slide your butter knife around the edges to remove any trim pieces.
  • Unscrew the existing keyboard and look to the back of it to CAREFULLY disconnect the data cable. Avoid ripping this delicate cable!
  • Carefully align your new set of keys the reattach the data cable as it previously was. Once the data cable is connected, set the keyboard down over it.
  • Position all screws as they were.
  • Replace the battery and boot your laptop once again!
Of course the disclaimer to this process is that if it seems like too much for you to handle, you should call a professional. Also if your laptop requires more than just a few screwdriver turns and a butter knife, you may want to leave the job to a technician. Often laptops are under manufacturer warranty so you can possibly send your keyboard in to be replaced.
    • Tracy Freese
    • frugal minimalismfrugal minimalistsimpleTracy Freese