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Minimalist Travel - Private Shore Trips

Flexible shore excursions are a fantastic travel concept delivering unforgettable destination memories at a frugal price. A customizable approach to developing your itinerary, flexible shore trips maximize your time on shore based on traffic conditions and your sight-seeing wishes. Travelers are matched with a driver that will discuss and develop the day's activities based on each family's priorities.

Flexible Tours are popular because it makes the best use of their time. They visit all the sites they want and skip any site that is not interesting or important. If you already know what you want to see, this is the perfect tour.

A popular option for cruise ship passengers, shore excursions are an excellent option for returning passengers. Instead of standard tours that repeat customers have already experienced, private shore tours can be structured to experience new and different parts of the local culture.

Typically from 4 to 8 hours, private shore trips take place in such exciting locations as:
  • Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands
  • French Riviera
  • Barcelona
  • Copenhagen
  • Any many more!

With an easy to use online payment portal and scheduling system, Privateshoretrips.com provides an excellent travel choice. Add your newly found travel companions to the tour and save! Private transportation collects travelers directly from their respective cruise ships and transports them on a delightful excursion sure to create lasting memories!

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  • Tracy Freese
  • adventureminimalist travel