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Minimalist Food and Beverage - Kustom Koozies


Fun is fun and practicality is exactly that - practical. Who wants his or her beer to get cold too soon? Not this guy. For the frugal side in every wedding, give something away that is cost-effective and fun. Personalized wedding KOOZIE®'s seem to fit the bill. A savvy marketing company called Kustom Koozies offers the following reasons why wedding KOOZIE®'s are awesome:

  • The Groom (and bride) will remember your anniversary!
  • Your guests will keep and use them for years to come.
  • Rush service available. 1 week turnaround
  • Great prices and great turnaround.
  • Gold and Silver Metallic ink colors available.
  • We have great wedding graphics to choose from.
  • We do not miss wedding deadlines!

Featuring the brand that started it all, KOOZIE®, Kustom Koozies print all orders in house and have never missed an order deadline in the years they have been in business! They have graphics ready to choose from along with clever wedding quotes and ideas to design your own custom message. Some more ideas on how to use a KOOZIE® as a wedding decoration:

  • Put rice in little bags in your KOOZIE® can holder
  • Put candy in your KOOZIE® can holder
  • Put flowers in your KOOZIE® can holder
  • Put a drink in your KOOZIE® can holder(for the groom :))
  • Stack them on a table in a pyramid
  • Put them in a goody bag

I love receiving them and I love using them. It seems I can never find enough when I have guests over for a beer so I am crossing my fingers that soon I will be invited to a Kustom Koozie wedding!

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