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  • Tracy Freese
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Minimalist Finance - Giving Credit a Second Chance

I would say damaged credit is more the norm than the exception. With a complex, and often shadowy, credit reporting system, odds are not in the consumer's favor. Marketing and advertising efforts push people to spend, then the credit bureaus and collection agencies profit when consumers default. It is a vicious cycle but thankfully one that is not hopeless.

Minimalist living principles encourage families to understand that they just don't need all of the STUFF that advertising and media is suggesting. True wealth is often silently sitting in a bank account not being driven or worn. The best experiences are often free and, if priorities are truly aligned with what we claim they are - we would spend time, not money. So how does this cycle continue?

Unfortunately the average consumer is often uneducated to how money really works. They do not realize that their behavior is predicted, packaged, and reflected through interest rates and complex mathematical equations by executives seated around a conference table. Thankfully there are agencies geared toward helping consumers reclaim their credit scores, change behavior, and repair past credit damage. One such firm is White, Jacobs & Associates. WJA is a Texas-based firm specializing in the following credit repair services:

  • Collections/Charge offs
  • Medical Bills
  • Repossessions and other auto issues
  • Utility Bills
  • Credit Cards
  • State & Federal Tax Liens
  • Judgments
  • Late Payments
  • Improper and excessive
  • Establishing new credits
  • Consumer Credit Education, Training & Coaching
  • Consumer Credit Research & Reports
As a financial planner, I encourage any consumer to use his or her resources. The emotional feelings tied to money and credit are highly stressful but should not be ignored. If you are facing a credit concern, take the situation by the horns and do not hesitate to seek out answers from qualified credit advisers until a solution has been achieved.
  • Tracy Freese
  • Financeminimalist lifestyleminimalist livingreclaimunclutter