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LAN Doctors weathers Hurricane Sandy, keeps businesses running with Data Replication

When keeping it secure goes wrong. Not something we average people really think much about - data security - but it is something that the folks at Onine Backup News wake up to every morning. Disaster recovery plans are for businesses today what once was office alarm systems and video cameras. The difference? Today's threats cannot be seen nor is a silent alarm to the police your best defense. Founder and site curator, Hollis "Software" Tibbetts has some major motivation for why he does what he does.

"Why is this important? IT Downtime Costs $26.5 Billion In Lost Revenue
Still, 56% of enterprises in North America and 30% in Europe don't have a good disaster recovery plan, according to Information Week."

Hollis would know as he is he is a well-known software marketing, strategy and technology expert and is one of the more widely read author/experts on the Internet on technology and strategy for Data, Cloud & Social Media. A mouthful of a title covering things I can only assume are extra super important, but are we taking them seriously?

Online Backup News reports on all that is data breeches and security nightmares...the kinds of things we lay people hope our identities are never caught up in. But what do they mean? They mean as a culture we have to get far more proactive about protecting our most lucrative (and expensive to safeguard) business asset - data. Clearly companies are not putting this as their priority given the amount of concerning online security news Hollis' website presents. Until our culture of work gets clued in to the fact that we are no longer experiencing the Industrial Revolution, but rather the Internet Revolution, the cyber destruction will continue.

  • Tracy Freese
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