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Minimalist Wellness - Brendan Drew


So many people struggle to stay active and healthy. Of course a person can rely on gimmicks and pills and supplements and wraps and machines and memberships and... Whew! I am out of breath just typing all of that. But what works? Changing behavior works.

In 2004 Brendan Drew launched a simple concept: lose weight by measuring results.

If you are ready to pop out of bed every morning, thrilled that you are finally eating right, working-out and doing everything else needed to ensure that you are developing an amazing body, then your decision to order Programmed Weight Loss® …Will be the smartest thing you do today!

Over three years in the making, this is the culmination of 10+ years of experience teaching students how to overcome some of lifes toughest personal challenges. With this in mind, it’s easy to realize that changing your fitness habits is a piece of cake in comparison!

Brendan focuses on widely accepted psychological methods and has changed his students' lives hundreds of times over. Check out his website for success stories or his Facebook page for the latest trends in fitness motivation. After all, the key to fitness isn't in What you do. The key is in whether you actually Do it!

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