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Minimalist Spotlight - KATTAPULT Services

I am struck by awesome web design and streamlined business concepts when I click into the world of KATTAPULT Services. A simple task that can clutter up the flow of photography in almost any media - retouching.

The mission is clear: KATTAPULT Services believes in getting things done without fuss and in a perfect way. Clear communication and precise execution. Services provided include:

  • Providing state-of-the-art Digital Image Processing.
  • Excellence in clipping & masking - photo retouching.

The process is so awesomely minimalist:

  1. Send KS your batch of photos
  2. Receive an estimate by email
  3. Accept/deny the price quote
  4. If accepted, order begins
  5. Monitor progress via email
  6. Pay your bill upon 100% satisfaction.

No fuss, no customer service headaches just simple, straightforward, and accurate digital image processing. Although fairly new to the outsourcing market, KATTAPULT Services is gaining fast momentum in the fashion, news, and finance media industries. With value pricing structures, KS is providing sophisticated results at a fraction of the traditional costs. As we always say here at Home of Wealth, anything that disrupts "business as usual" is fine by us!

  • Tracy Freese
  • fashionminimalist livingminimalist technologysimpleunclutter