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Minimalist Wellness - Foot Detox Pads

I remember my step mother and her friends getting together for a party over twenty years ago and comparing the color of the water after they detoxed their feet...I always wanted to try it! A bunch of hens swearing up and down how much better they felt and treating that water like it was a crystal ball of future health, needless to say I was totally jealous! Today, foot detox is still going strong and sadly I still have not been invited to join the party.

But, wait - the party is now a simple pad placed on your feet! No longer do you have to soak your feet in a tub of magic potion, because you can simply detox while you sleep. Foot Detox Pads offers eCommerce customers a simple and cost-effective way to reduce stress and gain more energy. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Remove the Foot Detox Pads from their individual freshness assurance wrapper (all of our products come in an assurance wrapper to guarantee freshness, and to protect our customers from any tampering.

Step 2: Place the Pad on the desired area of your body. We recommend the feet as there are the most reflex points in that region. However, you may place the pads anywhere you choose. WARNING: be smart and do NOT place pads on any open wounds. We also recommend that you use your Foot Detox Pads before bedtime, this way they work while you sleep!

Step 3: Remove the pad upon waking. Your body now has an incredibly reduced level of toxins and you feel refreshed and ready for the new day!

Designed for heavy metal cleansing and toxic elimination, Foot Detox Pads hold a competitive advantage over lesser quality cleansing products. The testimonials are everywhere about how awesome these pads work and how much better people feel. Each pad is sealed for the highest amount of freshness and can be conveniently tucked into any purse, briefcase, or luggage. Don't let my step mother and her friends have all the fun, check this concept out today!

  • Tracy Freese
  • minimalist health and fitnessminimalist wellnesswellness