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Minimalist Crowdfund - EVA™

The first of its kind - a LED downlight that changes illumination at the push of a button. Create beautiful atmospheres based on what the situation calls for. EVA™ is being KickStarted but she needs your help!

The main features of EVA™ includes being able to switch her light output from 10W (800-850 Lumen) to 5W (400-425 Lumen) to save a further 50% more energy on top of the massive energy savings of LEDs over halogens and a soft warm white (2700K) to a crisp neutral white (4000K) to change the mood depending on your application. Other product features include:

  • E for Efficient - Boasts a minimum of over 80 lumens/watt
  • V for Versatile - Besides being able to change colours and brightness, it can also be used with most Triac dimmers for conventional dimming controls
  • A for Adaptable - Whilst it can fit in most standard downlight cut-outs between 70-90mm, you can also customise your EVA™ with EVA Faceplates™ that come in a variety of colours and shapes

One more thing. EVA™ is the first of its kind LED downlight that does not require the large and unappealing fin type heatsink. It utilises a proprietary dual layer system slimline aluminium plate which conveniently is its own fitting.

Interior designers just snapped to attention after reading EVA's innovative technology. Sleek, modern interiors can be achieved without the bulky, heavily recessed lighting that is currently on the market. No longer are products stuck in traditional supply chains, today, consumers have the power and can determine which product is worthy of the market. EVA™ has what it takes. Home of Wealth loves KickStarter campaigns and already we can tell this particular effort is going to flourish. With almost $5,000 accumulated after only a few days, EVA™ will no doubt make it to a goal of $100,000 AUD.

  • Tracy Freese
  • crowdfundminimalist technology