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The Minimalist Male - Exclusive Suit 4 You


As a minimalist male I believe in quality over quantity. Buying more for less is not what I want in my closet - I want timeless quality pieces as opposed to mediocre trends. Having a suit and/or tuxedo custom crafted will last decades and, if done properly, will never go out of style. Providing Swiss quality craftsmanship, Exclusive Suit 4 You provides everything a gent needs to add a timeless suit or tuxedo to his wardrobe. Starting at approximately $500, this service is a clear value proposition. The site also offers discounts on monogramming and promotions on free shirts with the purchase of two suits.

​We are a team of internationally qualified master tailors working exclusively online. We adhere strictly to set international standards. Such aspects as the styles, shapes, colors and details we use are based on these international standards and are transformed by us into exquisitely tailored suits. The value of our products is guaranteed by high quality workmanship and the use of fine materials.

With a customer-focused team of professionals, Exclusive Suit 4 You has shaken up traditional concepts of what a tailor can be. No longer is a man stuck in a dark space for hours being measured and poked by straight pins. The site's proven measuring methods and helpful instructions make the tailoring process simple and reliable.


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