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Minimalist Wellness - Shoes for Flat Feet

Shoe assistant advicing the customer

Flat feet are not usually given too much thought in daily life, but they could be the reason your lower back is aching. Without proper shoes that are designed to support flat feet properly, walking and standing may be a challenge. Flatness of feet is typically due to loose tendons or arches that were never properly formed. I was recently reading a nice article on the subject, more detail here.

Do you have flat feet? Are you worried by the thought that flat foot signifies a lifelong pain down your waist? Do normal shoes leave your feet feeling sore? It is time to free yourself from all the worries as the information provided in this article will educate you about the anatomy of flat feet along with essential tips to buy the right type of shoes for flat feet.

I have struggled my entire life with this problem and have often resorted to expensive medical treatments and custom foot prosthetics. I would suggest everyone take the time to execute the simple test for flat feet found at the link above. Changing your shoe-buying habits to fit your type of foot can make a world of difference.

  • minimalist health and fitnessminimalist wellness