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Minimalist Finance - Miami DUI DWI Attorney Dennis Gonzalez Jr.

For those of you heading out tonight to get your party-on in Miami (or anywhere) I thought I would take a moment and highlight something most party goers do not consider - the financial burden of a DUI or DWI. Getting caught might seem like a long shot, but the statistics are not in your favor. I consulted with Miami DUI Attorney, Dennis Gonzalez Jr. about the merit of obtaining legal representation immediately following a DUI arrest. He suggests the following:

  • If you are in the Miami or South Florida area, call his office immediately at (305) 209-0384. If you are elsewhere, keep a business card of a reputable criminal defense attorney in your wallet or purse as you leave your house.
  • Immediately invoke your 5th amendment right to remain silent and your 6th amendment right to have an attorney present.
  • Don't forget you are not required to submit to field sobriety tests and should refuse them.
  • Consider refusing a breath sample as it may be used against you, but please keep in mind there may be further consequences by refusing. You must weigh each state's penalties for refusing against the sample being used against you as evidence. Many times, the penalty for refusing far outweighs the criminal charges you face.

Once you have obtained legal representation, your DUI DWI process will become far more clear as your attorney guides you through the bail bonding processes and your court appearance. Never forget, being charged and convicted of a DUI DWI offense is life-altering and can change your future forever. Financially, understanding your rights can often lead to a far more attractive outcome. Be safe tonight, my friends.

  • Tracy Freese
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