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Minimalist Health and Wellness - Prolotherapy

Don't let any body pain stop you!

Prolotherapy is a medical technique developed in the 1930's to minimize the effects of acute chronic pain without invasive surgery but has been poorly recognized in popular medicine. The basic concept is to artificially create inflamation around a problem joint or ligament which then signals the body to send in natural healing agents to that specific location. Action Health Centers in Sandy, Utah has taken the Prolotherapy regiment one step further with its use of Platelet Prolotherapy and Stem Cell Prolotherapy. These two proprietary therapies harness the power of a patient's own biological tissues to promote amazing internal reconstruction which allows the patient to regain the range of motion once lost. 

The statistics are staggering when considering how many Americans live with daily chronic pain. Prolotherapy treatments are clearly a first line of defense before invasive surgeries which can lead to unwanted side effects. When I asked Sarah from Action Health Centers how this amazing therapy was developed, her response surprised me:

Our ski bum doctor suffered multiple sports related knee injuries during his high school years and was searching for a joint regeneration treatment that would allow him to keep playing many of the sports he loved to do. He coupled his background in Sports Medicine and Toxicology to learn about a cutting edge treatment that would give people the best chance of improvement in their joint pain and functionality. The treatment is Stem-cell joint regeneration and now he offers this revolutionary treatment to his patients with amazing results. From the young competitive athlete with a recent injury, to the middle aged weekend warrior, to the 65 and older crowd just wanting some better quality time with the grand kids, so many of these different groups of people have benefited from the positive effects of the stem joint regeneration. All types of joint have been successfully treated including knees, shoulders, backs, necks, hips, ankles... The media has highlighted the proven extraordinary healing powers of stem cells and platelet therapy (PRP) used by such notable sports stars as Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, etc.

Action Health Centers doesn't stop with joint regeneration therapies, they offer and entire line-up of advanced medical procedures geared toward helping people keep up with their ever-changing lives.

  • Action Aesthetics - a cross between day spa and medical clinic
  • Medical Weight Loss Programs - promote results without restrictive diets.

I simply love the idea of advanced medical techniques without the threat of local anesthetic and invasive surgery. Minimalist health and wellness promotes disruptive medical business models where patients are encouraged to choose their level of care and utilize effective alternative methods. We at Home of Wealth applaud Action Health Centers for their innovation!

  • Tracy Freese
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