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Minimalist Spotlight - The Faceless Guru
Every great marketer has a trademark, why not a paper bag!? Beyond being very cute under his paper bag, the Faceless Guru has made money for people just like you over the past 20 years. He never intended to become a guru - it just kinda happened.
"I've been doing internet marketing for over 20 years now, just kinda underground with niche stuff. But now I have a new product that will be launching soon - Master Marketer. My latest project is FUN with entertaining videos. Learn what you need to know to be successful in Internet Marketing. Learn List building, SEO tricks, make killer sales pages, How to make your own ebook products and so much more. It's One-On-One, You and Me. So let's make some money together." -The Faceless Guru
It took time and dedication, but The Faceless Guru developed his innovative step-by-step marketing system for anyone that wants to write their own online paycheck. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced marketer, there is a Master Marketer curriculum designed with you in mind. Some of the course topics include:
  • List Building
  • Back Links
  • Ads that Convert Sales
  • Product Launches
  • Hidden Website Tools
He has worked with some of the most successful Internet entrepreneurs on Click Bank and Fiverr, and is giving Home of Wealth viewers a sneak peek at his new video series. Master Marketer is set to launch next month so make sure to sign up and catch a first alert via email. 
  • Tracy Freese
  • entrepreneur