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Indoor Organic Gardening for Beginners

Nowadays people in apartments are finding ways to bring a little nature indoors. People are creating the conditions in their apartments to grow different plants. In order to make an indoor garden you need three things. You need light, soil and water. In city environments people are growing gardens right in their apartments with containers.

The folks at Blood Mountain Forge want to remind container gardeners that the best news is (at the risk of being redundant) you are eating (or should be) ORGANICALLY grown food. Yes, you’re eating organic and obviating the prices you’re paying at the organic section of the market.

A spot in the home for an indoor garden is a spot that ideally gets 6 to 8 hours of light a day. If your apartment is on the shady side and you do not have a fire escape or balcony to put a little garden; you can use artificial light or plant lights that are available at the local plant store.

Container gardening is ideal for city spaces like apartments. This is because you can control the size of the container and the garden. Once you decide where the containers will go based on the lighting and space in your home then you need to look at the indoor climate you live in. A lot of plants do well in a humid moist atmosphere that is warm. To ensure your plants are getting enough moisture as well as keeping them out of drafts, here are some things to consider.

  • One of the main things required to keep an indoor garden thriving is regulation and consistency. Plants grow and flourish in a constant environment. They are sensitive to sudden changes.
  • They do best when they are given a maintenance routine that is consistent.

Before choosing the types of plants you would like to grow indoors, consider how much maintenance your life allows.

  • Low maintenance plants require a minimum of watering once a month. Low maintenance plants usually require low light as well.
  • Moderate care plants require watering a little more frequently than low maintenance and usually require low to moderate light as well.
  • High maintenance plants require attention. Frequent watering, good lighting and temperature control most every day. These plants are not for those who have trouble being plant responsible.

The best way to start a container garden is trial and error. Get suggestions from your local plant store after telling them what your living environment has in terms of natural light and air factors. They will tell you the best plant you can have in your apartment. The rest is up to you. Plants are a beautiful addition to all homes. They add a feeling of natural beauty to urban life where greenery is so scarce.