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Minimalist Wellness - Stress Reduction through Karaoke

Alison Steadman, actress and OBE revealed recently how she likes to unwind at home after a hard day filming. The television and film star, who appeared in films such as 'Shirley Valentine' and a series of iconic TV productions, such as 'Pride and Prejudice' and the recent, 'Love and Marriage', has admitted she is partial to a good old sing song.

The actress unwinds after a long day of filming by singing to her favourite karaoke downloads at home. Steadman believes it is the solution to stress after a hard day. It’s clear to see why, as singing loudly frees up a tightened and tense throat and the enjoyment of singing to karaoke downloads releases endorphins.

It's not hard to see why the award winning actress loves her karaoke downloads. Alison Steadman has a dynamic and bubbly personality. She has played some striking female roles such as the outspoken and determined feminist Jane in 'Shirley Valentine' and the outspoken and fortune seeking Mrs Bennett in the hit BBC period drama 'Pride and Prejudice'.

The actress, who is still working well into retirement, though her contemporaries have retired, says digging out her karaoke machine after a hard day on set is the perfect remedy, “I have my own machine and if I get really stressed I think 'fingers crossed the neighbors enjoy it', put it on and I just sing," she said.

Steadman, who was honoured with an OBE in 2000, added that her favorite tracks to sing include chart toppers from Adele to Susan Boyle. However, despite also enjoying scrabble and wine, she revealed her passion for music has been a constant source of annoyance for her family.

"I pick songs my voice can cope with," she said.

"Last time my sons came to visit and Lily Allen's Smile and they all sat there with cushions over their faces." The actress prefers karaoke downloads, which challenge her vocal chords and provide her with the opportunity to really belt out the numbers.

In fact, there is evidence to suggest that singing is good for your health and indeed, has many health benefits. Singing is good for the nervous system and for mental health. Furthermore, its not the feeling you get from singing it is also the applause you might receive from your audience.

As Japanese Professor Takeshi Tanigawa of Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine points out, "Singers use deep breathing, which is good for the nervous system. After singing, they usually receive applause. It is a good kind of social support, and helps in the face of adverse occasions or stressful events.''

Alison Steadman is certainly onto something with Karaoke as a form of stress therapy. Singing to karaoke downloads relieves stress, boosts self esteem and confidence, while also creating bonds between those singing and those listening, which has vast social benefits. The Japanese study also suggested that the families who sang together, stayed together. So maybe Steadman's sons should remove those cushions and pick up a microphone because their mother has clearly discovered the secret to a long life.

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